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What is all this?

Welcome to alectric audio, the defunct home of the now defunct alectric records, the label we used to release CDr albums on. We still exist, but just as part of hellothisisalex's usual release operations.

What did you do?

We aimed to bring you new audio art and music through electronic means, encoded in mp3 format, streaming and download.

alectric audio was a testing ground for bizarre sounds, experiments, and all sorts of other releases.

What about sampling/burning/remixing/fair use issues/etc.?

You are entitled, of course, to all aspects of fair use set forth in copyright law.

However, Creative Commons License
All audio on alectric:audio is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Who are you?

Mark Prier & Melissa Creasey, from hellothisisalex.

Mark PrierMelissa Creasey