based on variations, the foundsound project aims to create different songs by different artists, based on the same foundation.

everyone starts with the same sample. it's sort of a remix project, it's sort of not.

each artist independently creates a track, and we see what we get: their interpretation, their style, their ideas and their politics.

fundamentally, this project is an expression of global living.

a multi-media, internet-based exercise in post-geographic communication. this project is based on openness, non-verbal communication and universalities.

"it is basically a remix project."

that's the idea, but don't take it too seriously. we don't.


ARTISTSinvolved so far


(newfoundland, ca)
22 March 2005
gaku666 (toyko-to, jp)
21 March 2005
sen (heilongjiang, cn)
21 March 2005
books on tape (north hollywood, usa)
26 May 2005



we are just getting out little project started, but if you want to be involved or know someone who should be, download the sample and send us an email




the "voices" sample has been recorded and is available for download:

voices piece one: "japanese"

completed recording 16 June 2005, 21:07 GMT +8. (wav, 44 100 hertz, mono, 32 bit float, running time: 1:33.16) 11.55 - 12.10 (25 meters)

or download as original Audacity project file

voices piece two: "chinese-russian"

completed recording 16 June, 21:12 GMT +8. (wav, 44 100 hertz, mono, 32 bit float, running time: 3:09.06) 9.30 - 9.90 (31 meters)

or download as original Audacity project file

voices piece three: "north korean english radio, arabic music, russian, english and chinese"

completed recording 16 June, 21:30 GMT +8. (wav, 44 100 hertz, mono, 32 bit float, running time: 8:03.42) 9.30 - 9.90 (31 meters)

or download as original Audacity project file

*a note about the North Korean English Radio segment. this is a broadcast aimed at widening the audeince of the offical government beliefs. its gets pretty interesting.

the sample is a sw (shortwave) radio tuning broadcast. the most widely used form of broadcasting, sw reaches all corners of the earth and is the common communicative link that the most number people in the world share. on every continent, sw radio is the link to the outside world. listen to music, listen to war, learn a language, hear the news.

do we all start with the same sample? the sample is be quite long, and broken up into three pieces, so pick a sound, pick a segment, or use the whole thing. do whatever you want with it, that's the idea.
there is alot of noise in the sample which is unavoidable. however it was thought that a raw sample, unchanged would be best. probably 2% of it will be used, but which 2% and how it is used is up to you.

the sample was recorded with Audacity 1.2.3 ("a free digital audio editor") on 16 June 2005 from Yichun, China using a Tecsun R-911 (11 Bands FM/MW/SW World Receiver) and converted using LAME MP3 Encoder 3.97 alpha 10.

Creative Commons sampling+
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License.



we are going to be releasing the outcome of the foundsound with the lovely and electronically enchanting alectricaudio label.

to keep everything open and digital, the output of the project will be released as an MP3 album under a Creative Commons liscense.

each artist has a right to make an exception to this if they want, and have thier own copyright control on their work. no problem.

we encourage artists who wish to include thier work, or even build thier track into thier own release, we only ask for liner note attribution as an 'originally appeared in.'

IMPORTANT NOTE: the submission date has been pushed back to 20 November 2005 due to scheduling and the lateness of the sample. again, anything earlier can be posted of course, unless otherwise specified.

if demand is great enough, their is the option of making a physical release through alectricaudio.


smaller print

this is the first of a series in the foundsound projects, each building upon one another, growing with new artists and new ideas. with growth we hope to have a broader outlet and bigger ambitions, but for now, we start with the basics.


adam linthwaite (foundsound project coordinator) 7 May 2005, Siberia