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02.27.2009. alectric:audio releases Sound art? Sounds eclectic..., a series originally broadcast on ECMA Radio 100.1 FM.

03.03.2006. alectric:audio releases alectricity 3, the last installment of a three-part series.

01.03.2006. alectric:audio releases alectricity 2, the second installment of a three-part series.

11.03.2005. alectric:audio releases alectricity 1, the first installment of a three-part series.

05.28.2005. alectric:audio has put out a call for submissions that is due August 10, 2005.

05.07.2005. FOUNDsound project is born.

10.30.2004. The Commons has released Commonsounds 2.0, an audio project that draws on the public domain. Read about it here and download it.

09.2004. alectric:audio/alectric records releases AR004 across the river twin in a physical handsewn package. It can be purchased online and you can even download two tracks off the album right here!

02.23.2004. Piehead Records and alectric:audio officially release ARP001: a murder of crows! Download the mp3s.

02.13.2004. Piehead Records is now offering the now-defunct alectric records releases for sale through their mail order service.

01.22.2004. The Commons has released Commonsounds, an audio project that draws on the public domain. Read about it here and download it.

10.27.2003. hellothisisalex and books on tape have put out an MP3 single called 'looking north/winning remix'. Download it.

05.11.2003. Happy Mother's Day. We've decided to reserve some rights in copyright, making sharing, sampling, etc., easy to understand with regards to copyright law. Check out the releases page.

04.21.2003. We've posted files for 2 Radio Commissions and the Homelife release by hellothisisalex.

04.20.2003. So alectric records has now become alectric audio. You can still order the old physical releases, but we'll now be focusing on online mp3s. Three cheers. Welcome to the new site.