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alectricity 02, various artists. Released: Jan. 3, 2006.
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Charlene K. Lau

Toronto-based multi-disciplinary artist Charlene K. Lau is currently exploring ideas of sound, music and performance, and is a member of the COMMONS collective. Recent works include performances for GAME-CITY presented by FADO Performance Inc. (Toronto, 2004), the Ontario Association of Art Galleries 2005 Awards (Hamilton), and at Montreal's Viger Square for Dare Dare Centre de diffusion d'art multidisciplinaire de Montreal (2005).

O Canada ABC

O Canada ABC is a three-part piece of gradually learning how to play the national anthem through late Canadian composer Boris Berlin's beginner piano method books, The ABC of Piano Playing. At the end of each of the three books, The Star Spangled Banner and O Canada are definitive pillars of achievement to be practiced to canonical perfection. O Canada ABC is a little celebration of historical piano Canadiana and the song that started it all.” — Charlene K. Lau.

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