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alectricity 02, various artists. Released: Jan. 3, 2006.
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David Poolman

David Poolman is an MFA graduate from the University of Windsor, and a graduate of the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Working in video, print media and installation, he has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Recent international exhibitions include shows at Ziehersmith Gallery (New York, NY), Sushi Performance and Visual Art (San Diego, CA), MONA (Detroit, MI), Prenelle Gallery (London, UK) and RED (Sofia, Bulgaria). Poolman is an Assistant Professor of Art at Drake University in Des Moines, IA and co-director/founder of SPARK VIDEO CANADA, a monthly international video series in London, Ontario.

hey motherfuckers!

“For two years I collected over 3,000 live, bootlegged songs from the Internet. From these songs I separated and deleted all the music from the tracks, leaving only the asides, the introductions, and the words spoken by musicians to their audiences. These spoken tracks were then intermixed into a multi-speaker sound installation. hey motherfuckers! is a two-minute sound excerpt from this installation.” — David Poolman.