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alectricity 02, various artists. Released: Jan. 3, 2006.
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Julian Haladyn

Julian (Jason) Haladyn is a practicing interdisciplinary artist and writer who has exhibited his artwork internationally. Haladyn has also published a number of reviews and articles, many written with Miriam Jordan, on Visual Art practices in several periodicals, including C Magazine, Parachute, and On Site Review.

Tea Ceremony on an Airplane

Tea Ceremony on an Airplane is part of a larger series of audio works titled Sympathetic Vibrations of Tea, each of which explore the experience of hypothetical auditory Tea Ceremonies that sympathetically vibrates with the context in which it is being presented. In Tea Ceremony on an Airplane I have intermixed the sounds of actual tea preparation with a series of generated and manipulated sound fragments taken from the inside of an airplane, forming a ceremonial landscape.” — Julian Haladyn.

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