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"...The Anachim Thorn is a brilliant debut for these electronic pranksters, who are willing to stick the plug in the wrong socket even when it is labeled "Danger." Classic drum machine bloops confront DSP technology with aplomb, setting Mark Prier and Melissa Creasey apart from the pack of anonymous laptop producers..." "...The production values are high and so is the attention to detail and melody. This is by no means a complacent piece of faceless techno, but rather a fierce attack on the ultra-plain state in which techno found itself in the late '90s." from a review of 'the anachim thorn' by hellothisisalex

From's Summer Edition:

"...Somewhere between Isan and minimalistic Air without the drug problem ... hellothisisalex sound friendly, but don't get trapped. ... I think this team knows when it's pretty and nice enough and when a track is finished ... with a bit [of] luck there should be a chance to see hellothisisalex on Top of the Pops. ..." from a review of 'the acorn children' by hellothisisalex

From Electroage's Demodulation section:

"...[the acorn children] recalls the analog era of the 80's. So there's a pleasant rediscovery of what has been done back then... ... there's a sentiment of duality between the childish musical simplicity and the mature emotional complexity that can be found throughout the songs. Hellothisisalex has a lot of potential. Their music is very interesting to discover, and can be listened to regularly..." from a review of 'the acorn children' by hellothisisalex

2001 Mark Prier